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                  Network Analyzer
                  multiport test set
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                  TD3619C Vector Network Analyzer

                  Main Feature
                  l          WindowsXP Operation System
                  l          4 Port Test Mode / 2 port Test Mode
                  l          10.4 Inch TFT LCD
                  l          MultiWindows、MultiChannel、MultiTrace can be displayed at one time
                  l          Timefield Function
                  Main Specification:
                  Test Port Output
                  l          Frequency Range:   100kHz~8.5GHz,
                  l          Frequency Resolution:1 Hz
                  l          CW Accuracy:±5 ppm, 23°C±5°C
                  l          Output Power range:-55dBm~+10dBm
                  l          Level Resolution:0.05dB
                  l          Level Accuracy :
                  ±0.65 dB (at 0 dBm, 50 MHz absolute)
                  ±1.0 dB (at 0 dBm, relative to 50MHz reference)
                  l          Level Linearity :±0.75dB
                  l          Harmonics:<-20dBc(at +5 dBm,typical)
                  l          Non-Harmonic Spurious:
                             < −30 dBc (at +5 dBm, typical)
                  l          Extenal PortUSB、LAN、RS232、PS/2、Parrallel、   VGA、GPIB(option)
                  l          Impedance: 50Ω
                  l          Test portN female 4/2 port
                  l          FormatLog,Lin,Delay,Smith,SWR,Polar,Real,     Imaginary
                  l          Limit testRipple limit test,Bandwidth limit test
                  System Performance
                  System Dynamic Range 118 dB(IF bandwidth 10 Hz)
                  1MHz~10MHz   46dB
                  10MHz~3GHz   43dB
                  3GHz~6GHz    37dB 
                  6GHz~8.5GHz  35dB
                  System impedance 50Ω
                  Test portN female
                  AC 150V~230V/50~60Hz; 350VAMax
                  Weight: 20kg
                  Dimension: 490×427×234mm


                  Test Port Input
                  l              Maximum Input Level:+10dBm
                  l              Damage Level: +26dBm  ±35VDC, typical
                  Option Table:

                  Option :245
                  100kHz~4.5GHz 2-port
                  Option :001
                  Option :265
                  100kHz~6.5GHz 2-port
                  Option :1E9
                  touch screen
                  Option :285
                  100kHz~8.5GHz 2-port
                  Option :1E10
                  GP-IB card
                  Option :445
                  100kHz~4.5GHz 4-port
                  Option :1E8J
                  N-50J calibration Kit( open, short, load, adapter)
                  Option :465
                  100kHz~6.5GHz 4-port
                  Option :1E8K
                  N-50K calibration Kit ( open, short, load, adapter)
                  Option :485
                  100kHz~8.5GHz 4-port
                  Option :1E9J
                  SMA-50J calibration Kit ( open, short, load, adapter)
                  Option 1E9K
                  SMA-50K calibration Kit ( open, short, load, adapter)


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